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    By Carolyn

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    In my experience, there is such a thing as too many rewards. It gets to the point where we are rewarding the kids for so many things that they have a hard time doing something without a reward. Also, kids get to the point where they expect a reward, whether they deserve one or not. Rewards can become too routine, thus breaking their purpose. Once they become routine, they lose their effectiveness. It's like the kids is thinking (if not saying): "Where's my reward." You may have to raise the stakes to get more out of them, and that puts you on a track that you don't want to be on. I think that kids need to learn to take pride in what they do without a material reward, most of the time. Stickers on incentive charts are a great way to acknowledge levels of success in various areas.

    One problem is, though, you are basically left with expectations of the teachers before you. If they rewarded the students with lots of candy, recess, etc. last year, then they will very likely expect the same from you.

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