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    By Susan/5th

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    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble finding a job. Are you only looking a specific school? Do you know why you're not getting selected for the positions? To answer your question, there are other areas that you may want to consider if you really don't mind giving up the thought of being in a classroom. One area is in the editing department of a newspaper. Some like teachers because they're thorough in their capability to see mistakes. Another is working for a textbook company - in many areas (distribution, editing as well, sales, etc...). You can also check with the central office of a school district to see what they can offer. If you want to stay with children, you might look into a tutoring place such as Sylvan. If you decide to stay with teaching, you can always take a course towards your Master's degree to get recertified, then you'll be productive besides keeping your degree current. When (if) you get your Master's degree, many community colleges will hire you to teach part-time and you can do that until a full-time day position opens (that's what I did).

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