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    dismissal games
    By Rebecca

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    We too have three dismissal bells. I don't have any other duties after that so I can do games/activites with the kids. Here are the things I do...but maybe you could find something here that you could adapt to your class.

    Hangman- I put things on the board that we have been studying(three states of matter, subject and predicate, etc.)

    "Hello Mr. President"- One student comes to the front of the room and turns backwards. I choose someone to go to the back of the room and say (in ANY voice they can come up with)"Hello Mr. President". Then the person has to guess who said it. Right or wrong, the speaker takes the guesser's place and someone else is chosen.
    They get really creative with their voices and this is their favorite!

    Whisper- I whisper something to the first person (only once)they whisper what they thought they heard to the next person and so on. It gets really hard sometimes and the last person has to say it out loud. Many times it isn't even close to what I said and we talk about how gossip gets changed when repeated over and over to people.

    ABC- We choose a category(take "food" for example). We start around the room. The first person says a food that begins with the letter A. The second person has to repeat the A food then add a B one. The third person has to say the A food, B food, and add a C food and so on. We see how many letters we can get to. They like this too.

    We also play "Quiet Mouse" as well as "I Spy".

    Hope something here has helped you!

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