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    PowerPoint fun!
    By Janie

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    I teach my 6th grade students PowerPoint. I start out with a model to demo and for reference. Decide what rubric to use for evaluation and what content area. The first project with PowerPoint addresses basic subject content. Before we even venture in the computer lab, I demo for the students. This draws them in so to speak. Introduce some language, such as, storyboarding, slide sorter view, and etc. Each students is expected to storyboard the project information out (write out the content of focus). Each sheet of paper is one slide representing data, graphs, etc. I have also done the same thing to show the students. Once I see this is done, we go into the computer lab. A checklist is provided to guide us through the steps of the project, step due dates, etc. It may sound lengthy, but not really. The students are great to stay on task and enjoy the process as well as the results of presentation. Sorry for the length. Later, my students learn web paging, hyperlinking, etc. where the PP project has helped them to understand the media presentation structure. Great fun...

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