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    Writing Process Stages
    By Beth

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    I have large laminated pencils for the stages of the writing process. Each pencil describes a stage and what the students should be doing at that stage. I usually begin the year by hanging a laminated sample of what good writing looks like at each stage. That way students know what is expected of them.

    Students each have a clothespin with their name. At the beginning of school all clothespins are attached to the first pencil (prewriting/Brainstorming)Every time they move from one stage to another they move their clothespin so that I know what stage they are in.

    As far as when to conference, I set up a 15 minute slot two days a week for each student. I post the names and times next to the days of the week and students know that this is the only time they are allowed to conference with the teacher. If they are finished writing one piece and it is not their day to conference, they must go ahead and begin work on another piece.

    In the past, I have had a spreadsheet listing the stages of the writing process. Each stage separated into boxes. Again, listing what is expected at each stage. I attached these to the front of the students' writing folders and laminated the folders. As students moved through the writing process they marked with crayon the box/stage they were in. There was a separate box that said "Ready for a conference." Students who were ready for a conference checked this box and I could keep track of students who needed a conference each day. I could make up a daily schedule based on their folders.

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