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    Can we think about something?
    By Anna

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    I stopped using the term, "inner-city," over a year ago. I found it to be demeaning and that it tended to conjure up sterotypes among other people (teachers or not). I'm not sure honestly that I will continue to post here because of my strong feelings about the way we label students and the effects that it has on them.

    I do want to say that it has been liberating to think of my students as people (I'm sure you all do) and to not describe them or my school with the term inner city. When people ask me the name of the school I teach at I tell them. If they ask me what I teach I tell them the grade and the subjects. If they want to know more then they are going to have to bring up the issues of race or poverty or anything else they think may be assoicated with where I work. I refuse to contribute to their miscinceptions any longer,

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