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    Western theme
    By Dewey

    Clip to ScrapBook
    Use denim and bandana accents...could cut border from recycled jeans...cactus plants...campfire common seating area...Reading area...could have sleeping bag as bed roll comfort area...slogan...Lasso a good book
    Have badges(stars)for special wanted posters as getting to know you...with pictures or self Portraits...
    Welcome Boards: Saddle Up!
    Howdy Partnahs!
    OK Corral
    Happy Trails
    Sheriff____'s Posse
    Rules Chart:Breakin' Wild Mustangs
    Incentive Boards:Ms.___'s Good Chap's(Granma's slang for us kids and play on riding attire)
    Other ideas: Design western placemats with
    laminator as incentive for good
    cafeteria rules-select 2 to use when
    gettin' chow
    If you are feelin' wealthy, Cracker Barrel Stores/restaurants have adorable retro western hats,vests for kids(pricey accents)
    Have good books in my class library...but away for summer...if you wish to e-mail me later...feel free...Hope this helps...would love to see your room...

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