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    Find sympathy elsewhere
    By SC

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    Jay, assuming that you are for real and you are very hurt, I hope you find the help you need to move on. I think maybe you might want to look for that help elsewhere, though. At this point people are very irritated with you, and responding with statements like, "Go crawl back behind the log you can from," or whatever you said, are not helping. Do you have friends or family you could discuss this with? Maybe they would help.

    I am trying to be the last sympathetic hold-out here because I know what it feels like to have an idiotic principal who is overly critical and unsupportive. I also know what it is like to seek sympathy and empathy and instead be handed criticism. For these reasons, I try to be understanding of you. It must be very hurtful to get fired, especially when you expected to have a positive teaching experience. I hope you can move on and have a better experience, either teaching another grade or doing something else.

    Personally, despite the principal's irritating comments, I tried to see it as my own responsibility to improve no matter what he said or noticed. I tried not to say things like, "Everything would be better if I taught in a nicer area/taught a different grade/had a different principal/had better teammates." This almost kept me from wanting to change to a lower grade, which I knew would be better due to the reduced class size. Although I did switch in the end and feel this was a good move, try to always remember that problems follow you and don't always disappear when you change situations. Wherever you go, there you are.

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