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    By Emerson

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    wouldn't it be nice if we all got gifted and talented students in our classes?? Come on, this maybe happens in your dreams but in the real world you are going to have kids on each end of the spectrum. In a class of 25 you will probably have 25 vastly different levels. I teach in an urban area where some of my 4th graders come to me not knowing how to read a sentence on level. Do I whine and complain? No I do the thing I was hired to do TEACH to the best of my ability. Kids that come to me at the lowest level often have no support at home and they are the students that need a "good" teacher the most. Yes you can set the standards high with these kids but as a trained professional you need to know how to be flexible and set the standards for each of your kids individually. You've blamed the principal, now your blaming the kids, when are you going to think how you performed during the year?

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