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    I'm with Ally
    By t

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    Sorry, I'm with Ally. Venting is one thing. Complaining day in and day out about the same thing over and over again and NEVER, NOT EVEN ONCE, indicating a desire to change is not venting. It is tiresome, disheartening, discouraging.The complaining and whining clearly show through in these "vents." A vent is a mature way of expressing frustration. Consistently whining and blaming others, well, that's just immature (as is constantly saying things like my principal sucks, three hour exams suck, etc.) Jay really needs to grow up and act like an adult. That means accepting responsiblity for what went wrong and moving on from there. I would certainly be extremely hesitant to hire someone who can't let go of the bitterness and blame passing tendencies. Sorry, but that shows absolutely no room for professional growth and development.

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