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    but what about YOU?
    By just curious (still curious)

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    What is vague and ambiguous is your notion of what the perfect teaching job would be. It is so discouraging to keep hearing you post and place the blame on others. If you think 45 minute schedules and a supportive principal are going to solve your problems, you are mistaken. So once again, I ask you, what did you do this year that helped your situation? Did you seek a mentor? Did you revise your lessons so they could encompass the entire ninety minute block? Did you adjust your behavior plan when it became clear it wasn't working? Did you ever go to your principal and ask for support or did you just assume it would happen? Did you ever go to your union rep or building rep and discuss the fact that you only had one observation? Did you ever seek advice from others about anything? Or did you just complain about rowdy ninth-graders (were they rowdy for every single teacher?) and your principal (was he this harsh with everyone?) Why were ninety minute blocks troublesome? Don't blame the kids. Look at your lessons. Were they long enough? Engaging enough? Did you move from lecture to group work to independence and back again? Did you allow for flexibility? YOU ARE IN CONTROL of how to manage this time, not the students. As for what makes a good teacher, you are right, there is no one perfect measurement of a good teacher, but a good teacher is flexible, delivers effective, engaging lessons, uses his time well, develops, implements, and revises his behavior management plans to meet the needs of each group of students, interacts well with colleagues, seeks out support when things aren't going well, and, most importantly, accepts responsibility for his job assignments and requirements. Sorry, but I have pretty much had it with your posts. They carry the same consistent theme: "I had a lousy year, but it was everyone/everything else's fault except mine." Your principal may have been partly responsible for your troublesome year, but the truth is, you were mostly responsible for it by what you did or failed to do. Unfortunately, you need to accept this fact. You have criticized your students and principal, but you haven't ONCE, NOT ONCE, posted here with any statements about what YOU did during the year. Perhaps the next time you post, it can be with something positive or a question about teaching that you sincerely want an answer to. People consistently offer positive suggestions and advice, yet you never show a willingness to accept any of it. Post back and let us know what did work well this year. Maybe it could shed a whole new light on why things didn't work out. BUT PLEASE, let go of your anger and bitterness. It is unhealthy for you and will only ruin your professional career. Sorry if this is harsh, but again, you really need to look at yourself and how you contributed to the problem first.

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