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    A couple of questions
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I'm not familiar with peer teaching. What is it exactly and how is the feedback handled. Is it something done on a regular basis as part of the program.

    Sometimes (and not intentionally) feedback for some reason stays on the critical side of things. I don't know why we do things this way - but think about when you are asked to judge a performance or a public speaker or even a movie. We often look for the negative things as we feel by pointing them out we are helping that person improve. And if asked what we like we can often come up with wonderful things too. It may be that your peers and the teacher are not trying to be cruel or negative but that they are doing what is most common when giving back feedback focusing on the negative.

    Perhaps you just need to ask them point blank by stating the next time.

    I really appreciate your comments - I know this is an area I need to work on - was there anything in what I did today you thought worked well or that I did well. You might just be surprised at their response.

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