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    Sex Ed.
    By SC

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    Who says schools can't teach morals? At my school, and many others, we have a formal character ed program to teach morals. Even those schools that don't try to squeeze in little moral lessons, through everyday moments, literature, or by example.

    Why do schools have to spend valuable educational time teaching morals, which should be taught at home? I think we all know the answer here: many homes do not teach morals, and school is these kids' only chance to learn to be decent human beings. Similarly, many parents are not responsible about teaching safe sex. For that reason, we need to teach sex education (by parental consent) in schools.

    You need to remember that schools are educating all kinds of people. There are those who come from good homes and would never engage in unsafe sex (or perhaps any premarital sex) no matter what they are taught at school. If you feel like your child is one of these, or that you would like to have the responsibility of teaching your child about sex, then DON'T SIGN THE PERMISSION SLIP. However, there are kids who really need to hear about the risks of unsafe sex. These kids would be having sex anyway, and no teaching would change that. Sex is on TV and in the movies. Their friends and families talk about sex. It isn't as though school is INTRODUCING these kids to sex. It's just giving them a fighting chance out there.

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