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    Bat Game
    By AS

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    Bat/Moth is always a fun game with all ages. It's basically Marco Polo on land but you relate it to how bats navigate using echolocation.

    You have the students stand in a circle ( a smallish one to make it easier since they are little guys) and have someone be a moth and someone be a bat. The bat is either blindfolded or they close their eyes. They are in the circle and whenever bat says bat (or shake a shaker or something), the moth must answer it (moth or shaker). The bat has to tag the moth (eat a snack).

    I always tell them how they (ones on circle)have the important job of keeping our bat safe. And also staying quiet.

    With older students, I'll have a bigger circle, multiple moths, and encourage students on circle to make forest noises).

    Hope that helps!

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