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    By abby

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    First off, I definitely agree with Sixtiesbabe and would limit/eliminate abbreviations and acroynms.

    About your other questions, there are many ways to present your skills and experiences. My current resume has the following format: Very top: Name/Address/Phone #

    Under that I have a short objective paragraph mentioning the State certificates I hold, a general statement about my strengths and a short sentence about my beliefs/philosophy.

    Next section is "Experience" listing teaching jobs, tutoring, and other relevant experiences including dates and description of job responsibilites . As a relatively new teacher this can be a large component of your resume. And yes I would DEFINITELY mention IEPs etc. Suggestion: write all responsibilities with same form of the verb. Examples: COLLABORATED with the Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist; TESTED students using a variety of formal and informal assessments; PROVIDED hands-on learning experiences; TAILORED instruction to various learning styles. Other verbs are: organized and chaired, tested and designed, wrote diagnostic and prescriptive, utilized a variety of teaching strategies, identified and encouraged strengths, etc.

    Think of ALL the things you do and sell it!! (smile) Really though, all this will come in handy for the interview because you are clear about what you've done and can expound on it when the interviewer refers to it. You will be framing the interview to your advantage.

    Following that is "Education" section listing college(s) attended, degree(s) earned and years attended.

    Next I have separate sections for post graduate coursework/workshops, professional organizations, committees, awards/honors, and hobbies/interests. Think about any special skills you may have. (computer, camera, gardening, singing, instruments, crafts, curriculum development, travel, etc.)

    Good luck. Hope you get the job you want.

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