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    Interview Questions
    By Jenn

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    My husband recently interviewed for a principal's position and some of the questions they asked him were:
    How do you know when a teacher is being successful?
    How will you work to gain community support?
    How will you involve yourself in the education of every child in this school?
    What qualities about this school do you see as attractive? Are there any you would like to change?
    How will you ensure strong parental involvement?
    etc., etc., etc.

    They also asked several "role-play" situations....You're faced with a defiant kindergarten whose parents refuse to believe he's misbehaving. How will you work to support the teacher and involve the parents in understanding how the student's behavior is detrimental to his education and that of others?

    He also had a word processing part of the interview....YES! Right before the committee questions he had to type answers to several questions previously prepared, save and present a disk to the committee chair. He wonders if they were testing his speed at typing, his spelling and grammar or his actual answers.

    Hope this helps some!

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