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    Spelling Notebooks
    By Tabitha

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    I have used spelling notebooks in my classroom now for three years and I plan on using them next year. My students use a wireless notebook or a compostition notebook for their spelling.

    I go over the spelling unit for the week on Monday morning. For each section I have someone give me an answer and they write it down in their notebook for that section. I go over how to write each part of the spelling unit step by step for two weeks in the beginning of the school year. Once they have it down I just double check when I check their notebooks on Friday morning. I give them the whole week to get the work done. They can work on it when they have free time that way if they have a question or need help I am there to help. Friday morning I call each table up to my desk and I check the journals to see if they have done the work. If they have then I stamp the journal with a thumbs up stamp I have and mark 30 points in my grade book. If it is not done then they go out into the hall to work on it until I have finished checking homework and ready to give the spelling test. If it is still not done then they loose recess until I get and they are marked half the points for not doing it on time. Then as a class we go over the answers and then take our spelling tests. This system has worked very well for me and it has saved me loads of time with less the hassle.

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