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    Special Ed
    By Mom w/ Specail Ed kid

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    This IS a toughy . . .for all the reasons Sandy mentioned, but I will give it a go.

    I am not a special ed teacher, but I do have a special ed child. He going in 5th grade.

    I removed him from our parish school because his special needs were not be addressed or accomdiated. I transfered him to the Parish school I teach at.

    Here are a few of the things he WONDERFUL teacher did for him last year.

    Becasue writting is difficult for him and a HUGE bone of contention for him. When she required only what was really necessary. For example -
    The class would take a PRE-Test, if my son got a 100% he was NOT required to write his words 3 times. He was also not asked to make up sentences - instead she would verbally ASK him to TELL her his sentences. This demonstarated his knowledge of the subject but took into consideration of his skills and what he would be able to do.

    She made the decision on "which hill she watned to die on" meaning there were some assignments that she would NOT compromise on and others she would. By doing this she gave my son the messgage that when I ask you to do something I MEAN IT . .he responded very well to this.

    This teacher made such a difference in the life of my child. He left his first school, thinking he was STUPID and was FAILING 4th grade. While in this new teachers classroom, in ONE QUARTER he went from failing out of school to top honnor role. Talk about a teacher making a difference in the life of a child!!!

    I know this is not much, but in the 5 minutes I had to share, it was what came to mind.

    Good luck on your paper.

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