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    inquiry method of math
    By Tabitha

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    I have used this new inquiry method of math in my class for the past two years in 5th grade. I also show my student the strategies to figure out the problems after I let them use their critical thinking skills. With this type of math you have to have conclusions to the lessons or your students will be lost.
    I don't think this type of math is good for all students, such as the lower leveled ones that are a grade or two behind. I see where my students need help and I provide it. I give homework and quizzes that I make up around whatever topic we are learning at that time. I have used TERC which is an investgation approach into math. Now this coming year my district has bought Trailblazers that is basically the same thing, but with a textbook. So they have to read more in math. There are good things and bad things about this way of teaching, but I find I through in what I have to in order to get my students to learn the concept being taught.

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