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    By alison

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    Hi Kathy,

    How much time a child spends in special education is dependent on how much time a child needs special help to be successful in meeting the annual goals and objectives determined by the IEP team and is written into the IEP. When considering time, the team must also consider the Least Restrictive Environment for the child. Here is a heirarchy the team should be looking at from least to greatest...

    - General Education Class (outside less than 21% of a day)

    - Part-time Special Education Class (outside general education class 22%-60% of a day)

    - Full-time Special Education Class (outside of general education class 61% of day)

    - Separate Public Facility
    - Private Separate Facility
    - Public Residential Facility
    - Private Residentiall Facility
    - Homebound/Hospital
    - Correctional Facility
    - Private School

    In our district having a special education aide would fall inbetween full time special education and separate public facility. Your district may be different.

    I hope this is helpful!


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