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    Considering Substitute Teaching
    By Deni

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    My advice would be to observe classroom teachers at different grade levels to acclimate yourself to various teaching techniques. What I did was ask to observe any teachers for which I was assigned to sub, and I was only turned down once. However, that turned out to be advantageous for me because another teacher from a multi-age classroom attending the same conference, allowed me to observe her teaching and that became my favorite class and most requested assignment. As I mentioned in a previous posting, the Substitute Teaching Institute of Utah has a very informative, helpful website and even offers a handbook to purchase online. This is the very same handbook given to me by the first school board offering me employment as a sub. You may find as a sub that the classroom teachers' discipline techniques don't get the same results for you. I use the Shooting for the Stars positive classroom discipline approach most of the time. (Kindergartners cannot grasp the concept of a 15 minute interval, so I haven't had good luck with that grade level using this approach.)

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