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    year round
    By Julianne

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    My personal kids have been in and out of year round schools. About half of all the elementaries in our area are year round due to overcrowding. There are, of course, pros and cons to the schedule. In Georgia my first concern would be that the building be air conditioned! It's nearly impossible to teach and learn for any length of time in a sweltering classroom. Some students will do better in a year-round school, others will have more difficulities. My youngest son never got used to the transitions. There are so many more than in a traditional calendar. He hated them and it showed in his behavior. My other two children enjoyed having short breaks more often. Other student behavior doesn't seem to be highly impacted by the year-round schedule say my friends who have taught at these schools. They do notice less need to review, and better attendance as students can vacation during their more frequent break times. For teachers with children it is difficult to work at a year-round school if your own children are attending traditional or the other way round. I had that problem for five years. I taught at a traditional school while my children attended year round. We got through it, but it wasn't a picnic. Child care issues are tough when you're talking about getting something in place for a three week break rather than a whole three months of summer. You'd be wise to bring up that issue at your school board meeting and be sure the local day care providers are aware of the changing schedule, as well as community service groups like those that run kid sports programs and summer camps. They can often figure out how to arrange their programs to fit the year round schedule, but it may take some time for them to get it right. If you have more specific questions I could probably put you in touch with a teacher at a year round school.

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