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    Discipline program
    By Cathy

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    Our fourth grade team uses a program that is simple but easy to follow through with. There are three sections of 4th graders and they are departmentalized. One student in each class is assigned to carry a folder with him or her. In this folder is a sheet with the 5 classroom rules we follow and a blank checklist. The rules they must follow are pretty basic: Follow directions the first time given. Come to class prepared with all materials. No teasing or swearing. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. Display an academically positive attitude.

    If a student shows up to my class without homework, I write his or her name on the rules checklist. If he proceeds to the next class and doesn't have that teacher's homework, he or she receives another check mark. When the students get back to homeroom at the end of the day, the homeroom teacher records any check marks on a master sheet that is kept for the month. At the end of the month, any student who has more than X amount of check marks does not attend the end of the month activity. (Relay races in the gym, kickball tournament, movie and popcorn, ice cream sundae party, dance in the gym, etc... ) We schedule each activity on the last day of the month and those students who are out of the activity sit in the office or another teacher's classroom. Our activity is usually held during the last two periods of the last day of the month. We make a big deal out of this activity and constantly remind the kids of what it will be. They especially loved the make your own sundae party.

    Starting in September, they are allowed 10 check marks. In October, they are only allowed 9 check marks, etc... until we get down to 5, where it stays for the rest of the year. If a student receives more than two check marks in one day, I call the parent to let them know and ask for their help. If the student is out of the activity, we send a letter home to notify the parents that their child has received X number of check marks and therefore, will not be able to participate in the monthly activity. The parents must sign and return the letter.

    This ended up sounding more complicated than it really is!! Sorry so long. If you have any specific questions about our system, e-mail me.


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