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    Ability Grouping
    By Jennie

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    My school year just ended with a huge debate between myself, a colleague, our administrator and curriculum specialist over whether we should be able to used flexible grouping next year. The higher powers say no way. We, who have been teaching this way for the past four years and have the data to back up that it is working, say yes! Flexible grouping is the one way I have found to meet the needs of EVERY child I encounter. Because I work with a colleague we are able to "swap" kids for groups, making their learning and our teaching more beneficial to everyone. And you're definitely right in that the kids don't stay with the same group all the time for every lesson. Our administrators seem to think they do, but since they're rarely in my classroom how would they know otherwise???? But don't get me started on that issue. Anyway, I'm 100% for flexible grouping. Whatever we can do to ensure that our kids are learning at their instructional level is the right choice. Why would we do anything else?

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