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    By LAH

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    Two years ago, I introducted fractions by referring to pies. My students just looked at me very puzzled. I was shocked that my students had had very little personal experience with pies.
    Last year, I tried relating fractions to PIZZAS. The students seemed to be more excited about learning how to share pizzas equally with a variety of friends. We made paper pizza to divide. My prompts became increasing more difficult: I started with
    You have 1 pizza and 4 friends to share it with. How much pizza will each friend get?
    I progressed to ?'s like, 10 friends and 2 pizzas. How much pizza will each friend get?

    At the end of the unit, several of my parents volunteered to donate enough pizza for the class to share. I group the students in a variety of groupings: 3 students, 5 students ... Their misson was to use a pizza cutter to make the correct fraction. After we finished, we all had fun filling our tummies.

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