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    behavior tracking
    By lynne

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    I have the pocket system too but I tried something new with it last year that really worked for me. I have one green index card for each child in each pocket. There's a gold seal on one end and a blue happy face sticker on the other. Everyone starts off with the gold end showing to "treat others the way they'd like to be treated i.e. the Golden rule" When another student or the teacher catches someone doing something nice for the class or another student, they go and flip that student's card to the blue happy face end for "being a true blue friend." One student each week gets to read out the names of those true blue students at the end of each day and return all cards to gold. If I have to speak to a student more than twice, I have them flip his/her card to the total green side. Then he/she must write a letter home to his/her parents and have it signed that night. It has really worked. I also have a kindness box. Children write down a student's name and a short description of the good deed that the student performed on a slip of paper and sign it. Each Friday I pull five of these slips from the box and those five wear a medal all day. I purchased a pack of five Olympic type medals in the party section of KMart for this.We hang the medals back on a hook at the end of Friday until the next week. Hope this makes sense to you and helps!

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