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    Class meetings
    By Anna

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    What I have done for the past 2 years in class meetings is this:
    we move to the front of the room (where the largest area is) and I teach them at the start of the year how fast and how I want them to move to the meeting. They sit in # order (abc order, they do almost everthing in this order so it's quick and easy) and have only 30 seconds to get to the front and be ready for the meeting to begin. If they take longer than 30 seconds we don't have a meeting. They really like our meetings, and it always disappoints them when they don't get one. It's amazing how orderly and quickly they can move when they want to.

    I also dismiss any students who are not participating in the meeting to return to their seat and fill out a form that I created. It's just a simple form to reflect on why they were asked to leave and what they can do to not be dismissed next time. I keep these forms and if a student is consistently asked to leave meetings they have a conference with me and we discuss another alternative for them.

    We have an agenda in our room that students can list "problems" that are happening in our classroom. We hash out any problems, come up with solutions, follow up on past problems,or I use it as a time to talk with them about what is going on in class.

    I have had success with these meetings. Hope this helped you.

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