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    By Kimberly

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    In 2nd grade each Saxon lesson has a timed test (25 problems or later in the year--100 sometimes), the worksheet has and A side (classwork) and a B side (homework), and often there is a class worksheet to use to do guided practice with. You are supposed to do a Math Meeting everyday which consists of counting patterns, time, money, weather graph, temperature, calendar, etc. It is very repetitive so the kids can learn the counting patterns (god building block for times tables). I have to admit as the year progresses I drop back on Math Meeting to about 2 or 3 times a week.

    As for lessons, if I have a way that I think teaches a concept better than Saxon, I do it my way. Each lesson comes with a script which is SUPER for when you have a sub. Some teachers will read the script verbatim. I read over it before the lesson and use it as a suggestion for how to teach the lesson.

    I really enjoy Saxon and the kids really gain a lot from the program to take with them to the next grade. I hope you enjoy the program as well!

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