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    don't be scared!!!
    By kat

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    While I will say that teaching is a lot more than an 8am-3pm job and summers are not laid back, I would not ever think of leaving the field. I'll take that back, I think about it and then I say "no I'm doing good for the future of our country" I really love teaching and can't imagine myself doing anything else.

    Please do not worry yourself to death. Yes, it will be overwhelming your first year, but you will learn a lot of little tricks to make things easier. Don't worry about knowing everything. That's why their are teacher's manuals, teacher supply stores and this wonderful board!! You can't be an expert in everything all at once. I seem to always get caught up in changing grades and it is difficult to adapt to a new grade, but it works out. I taught third grade last year and am going to teach it again this year. I know I will do a better job this year because I am more familiar with the curriculum. I focussed on a few subject areas and those were the ones I did a bang up job. This year I can add to my ideas for those areas and concentrate on the other subjects. I did not do a bad job in the other areas, I'd call it adequate, but I like to more than is required, so it was frustrating to me. You need to start somewhere and everyone knows that. Make sure you pair up with someone who can feed you lots of information on how the building is run and what the principal expects, so you can concentrate on the curriculum material. Make sure it's a positive person---I made the mistake of listening to a teacher moan about the principal my first year at a school and thought he was a jerk. The next year I found more positive people to hang out with and although they thought he had faults, they saw the good in him and I grew to love this principal!

    GOOD LUCK! Take it one step at a time and remember to breath!!!

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