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    "Fabulous Fifth Graders"
    By Tabitha

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    This coming year will be my fourth year teaching fifth grade and I love it! They are at the age where they still want to please the teach, until the hormones kick in. They do work well with hands-on activites and in cooperative groups. You can laugh with them, kid with them, and just enjoy them. For the most part they know how to read and write. Some may need more help in those areas then others. It will depend on what levels they are at when they come into your room. I teach in a self-contained class and I like it better that way. You get to know the children so much better and their parents.

    I use all the strategies and procedures from Harry Wongs book. It was the best investment I have ever made. I post all my procedures, consequences, and rewards. I have a Class Code of Conduct not a rules poster. I have studnets and parents sign the copy so they know what is expected. I send home a packet of information, welcome back letter, Class Code of Conduct, Homework agreement, and others for parents to sign. I assign nightly reading and I am going to do the Paragraph a Week writing assignment. They also get spelling for the week as well, then I throw in science or social studies. I am going to set up a MOOSE(Management of Organization Skills Everyday)book for all my kids so that they will have all the information needed. I got the idea off here.
    I have a rewards system for behavior where tables earn points for homework, class work, behavior in the class room and in the school building. I keep track of the points and the table with the most points at the end of the week wins a ring pop, book, certificate, or coupon. Whatever I decide to pass out that week. I also reward neat and organized desks with a treat such as a pencil, piece of candy, or eraser. I do this spot checking one or twice a week. For homework the students have a warehouse pass that they need to fill with 20 stickers. They earn 2 stickers for homework that is complete. Doesn't matter how many pages of work, sometimes I will pass out three or four stickers if I don't have to many doing their homework one night. It usually gets the class back on track. Once the card is full they write their name and date on it and give it to me. I keep it in their folders for refernce during conferences. They then get to go to the treasure box. I ask parents to donate money or items for the box and they usually have no complaints. I also go to the dollar store and get things. I will put books that I order from book clubs in the box as well.

    I have no problems calling parents in front of students for behavior problems and no homework. I find that doing that one time usually gets the student under control. I make my students accountable for learning because I am acountable for teaching them. You will love this bunch. They get to be quiet hilarious and very loving. If you need anymore help just email me. I am always willing to help another teacher, especially a 5th grade teacher.

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