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    Lang Arts Block
    By jenn

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    Hi. I teach 5th lang arts all day. I have four groups. I see each for 55 min. Not enough time--I totally hear you!! Well, here is what I do to TRY to fit everything in...

    First, each period as the students come in there is a "daily bite" on the board. This is a grammar and editing activity that the kids seem to enjoy. I put three incorrectly written sentences on the board. The students have a "daily bite" notebook that they correct the sentences in every day. I grade the notebooks biweekly..or I try to at least. This gives them something to do immediately upon entering the room. Really helps maintain structure and routine. It also allows me to fit all my grammar in in ten minutes a day. We orally review these. I try to only let it last for 10-15 min.

    After the daily bite is reviewed and corrected, I have their attention to announce the day's plan. The students read in partners, aloud as a class or listen to me read depending on the activity. I usually give reading a good two weeks, then I work on writing with them for a week or so. If I am reading a novel, I try to incorporate a writing asssignmnet midway through the novel and at the end. Writing is always incorperated with reading anyway since they always write in Literature response journals.

    If I need to target a specific writing skill I try to give a week or so. It is really hard, but we can do the best we can and that is it right?
    Good Luck.

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