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    Teachers and Sex (sounds interesting, huh?)
    By Renee

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    Dear parent,
    I understand what you are saying, but the fact is that it is just not possible to leave sex ed. entirely to the parents. There are many, many parents who never talk about it and their kids are already having sex. They don't know anything about it (dangers, protection, etc.) and are putting themselves at great risk.

    I taught in a middle school and was blown away by how many kids were having sex at a young age with no information. Our sixth graders were having sex. We had to do "bathroom patrol" during the lunch periods because they would sneak in and do it there! I was asked questions by children and told them to talk to their parents. They wouldn't even think about it! So then you are left in a quandry. You know kids are engaging in dangerous behavior and the parents do not talk about it/ shut it out/ choose to ignore it. When they ask me a question do I also choose to ignore it? Some information needs to be said. Sorry for the graphic info. but I had a girl ask me if she could get AIDS from giving oral sex (in more graphic terms). She had already been doing it and thought it was safe!
    Being ignorant of the subject and doing it is more dangerous than having information. Some kids are going to do things they are not ready for no matter what. Someone needs to give them the facts and dangers about sex. I saw pregnant 13 year olds. If you think middle school is too early to talk about sex, you are wrong. They are already doing it! It's great if parents do their job, but many don't. Those are the kids that are having sex at young ages. There is a reason they engage in the behavior, it is lack of parental involvement many times. What do we do if we can't talk about it at school and it's not talked about at home but the kids are putting themselves at risk?
    You are right, we do have enough on our hands without this. We would love to not have to think about it. The sad truth is that as a teacher I have to do many things that should be the responsibility of the parent. Too many parents shirk their responsibility. I see too many parents that never should have had kids when they did and weren't ready. Thus begins the vicious cycle we are talking about right now.

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