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    some ideas for behavior
    By Catherine

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    Structure and Consistency!!!! Discuss rules and procedures and practice them for the first week. Have a plan for behavior including what you might say to them.

    My 3 Rules: respect self, respect others, respect property

    Things to say/do for certain behaviors:

    1. outbursts
    __________, I will not tolerate your outbursts. You are disrespecting others in this class. This is your warning.

    2. talking back to the teacher
    __________, I will not tolerate your tone of voice. You are disrespecting me and disrupting the learning of the others in this class. This is your warning.

    3. gum
    __________, gum is not allowed in this school. Spit it in this paper and hold onto it until desk check. This is your warning.

    4. talking during the lesson
    __________, I expect you to turn around in your seat and get on with the assignment. This is your warning.
    __________, I expect you to turn around in your seat and listen to the lesson. This is your warning.

    5. irrelevant questions
    ____________, your question does not pertain to the subject matter. Please hold all off-topic questions until desk check.

    6. out of seat
    __________, you do not have permission to be out of your seat. Please go back to your seat. This is your warning.

    7. talking before raising hand
    ____________, I expect you to raise your hand and wait to be called on before you speak.

    I use a check and chart behavior plan. The chart looks like a tic-tac-toe with places for each period I teach. This is put on a transparency that I keep near the overhead while teaching. I pull it up when I need to write a name or put a check.

    1)warning name on chart
    2)1 check 30 seconds off passing time
    3)2 checks 60 seconds off passing time/Stud-Tea conf in teacher’s office(my desk with a chair for the student)/possible contract writing depending on the behavior
    4)3 checks contract inevitable/written and needed for re-entry/possible referral to office

    I also have a timer that I use to take away Friday minutes for whole class disruptions. The minutes are counted daily on the overhead chart. Each period is given 5 minutes per day to start.

    Have plenty of positive reinforcements available to counter the consequences. A balanced approach is best.
    Good Luck!

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