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    Fish Idea
    By Kim

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    I too LOVE the ocean . . .

    I am not sure this is what you are looking for, but this is what I have done . . .

    I make a simple red fish for each child. I write their name on the front of the fish. The back of the fish is black. I pin all the fish (one for each student) in the shape of a huge fish ( the tie in is to Swimmy - can't remember the author).

    But at the beginging of each day all the fish are in formation - a large 'school' of fish. After your first warning you flip your fish over - you are still a part of the school, but you have been singled out due to the black.

    At the next incident you are removed from the formation and pined behind the large fish.

    At the fourth incident, you float to the top and note goes home.

    The kids like it and it worked for me. If this does not make sense, e-mail me and I will try again.

    Good Luck

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