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    Me, too!
    By Hermie

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    I will begin my third year of teaching in the Fall. Other teachers may disagree with me, but I'm beginning to learn that those teachers who are really concerned about what they teach, look critically at themselves to say "Bummer, bad can I improve," and get overwhelmed and afraid are really the best ones. The teachers I have met who sit back and say "I can't improve my teaching" are still using lesson plans from 1973!

    It is a constant struggle each day to meet the needs of your students. I cry some afternoons because of my sense of failure, but it just pushes me to get out and discover a better way to present the material, get the students involved, find what interests them, and the best way to do it all.

    Teaching is not easy. Those wonderful, "laid-back" summers are not there to enjoy. I'm into my third straight week of professional development. Each day I think "why didn't I know this last year!?!" I want my kids to learn, but I have to learn first.

    You are worried, but it is a good thing. It will keep your focus on what's best for the students.

    I hope other teachers can relieve your fears....I wanted to give you a little reality.

    Stick with teaching -- it's the best thing you can do in life!

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