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    baseball theme
    By JS

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    I was thinking of using the same theme. Your student of the week could be the MVP. Also, if you use behavior cards (different colors to move for behavior) you could do a three strikes your out. Post 3 "K"s and attach a clothes pin with their names on them. Good behavior is "At the plate." After one warning they move their name to strike 1, strike two, etc. You can develop consequences for strikes, etc. You can also develop rubrics using the words "Home run," "base hit," or "strike out." You can label a bulletin board with the words "Home Run Work." A class behavior goal could be labeled "On the way to the World Series of Good Behavior," or something similar. Your welcome board outside could be "Grade 4 has a great starting line up," and you could put everyone's name on a baseball, glove, or bat......You could also put up a bulleting board that says "Catch a great book!" and write the names of books you read on baseballs and write names of authors you introduce on gloves. Stress the idea of teamwork....."There's no 'I' in team," etc, and that when they're in the room they play with home field advantage meaning that they need to work together....they're all on the same team. Hope this helps! WoW! I'm excited about this theme now too. I was just going to use a general sports team, but now I think I'll just focus on baseball- my all time favorite sport!

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