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    I am encountering a similar problem. I have a hubby who is handy with tools, so he's going to put some shelves together for me. I have priced melanine (spelling?) shelving at our local Menards Hardware to put together shelving units with adjustable shelves & it seems reasonable. It comes all prepainted. You can buy "solid" planks for the top and shelves, then you can buy "drilled" planks for the supports (you put those little plastic support things to hold the shel into the whole). If I'm not making too much sense, just go to a harware warehouse & tell somebody you need to make a set of shelves. They can help you out. I suppose wheels can be put on the bottom to make them moveable.
    My other suggestion would be to ask the school if they have anything in storage that you can use. Our school has all kinds of tables & shelves, etc that are "over stock" (teachers no longer wanted them in their room).
    Check garage sales, furniture warehouse places and resale shops, too! A coat of paint may make things look new again! Don't pass up a "Ding & Bang" sale where units are priced cheap because of slight damage.
    What about those stackable "cubes"? You can use wire wraps (available at local hardware store or electronic store) to secure them together so they stay in one piece.

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