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    By Krissy

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    Some ideas...

    BULLETIN BOARD: Make a big doghouse and put a bunch of little puppies with the students names on them. "A DOGGONE GOOD CLASS"

    BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT: Instead of using a stoplight, use puppies. Move them out of the doghouse for a warning, and further, and further for each infraction.

    STUDENT OF THE MONTH: Make a big banner that says "A STUDENT TO BARK ABOUT..." and put their information below.

    CLASS REWARD: Add spots to a big doggie to work toward a class reward.

    PAW PRINTS: Print out large prints and put them on the floor of your room, or even up a wall.

    READING CORNER: Create a cozy reading corner called "THE POUND" and add some fun pillows and stuffed dogs. Encourage students to bring in photgraphs of their own dogs and post them on the wall in the corner. Use a wooden fence to make a divider to give it a "pen" feeling. Use stamps with fabric paint to put paw prints all over the rug.

    CALENDAR/MESSAGE BOARD: Create a large calendar board and title it "THE DOG DAYS OF SCHOOL" Put clip-art puppies all around to make it look playful.

    CLASSROOM JOBS: Make a chart that looks like a large grassy area. Make a different "object" like a ball, tree, etc for each job and put a clothspin by it. Put the students names on doggies and rotate them. OR make little dogs with the jobs by them and put the students names on bones. Rotate the bones each week!

    BACK TO SCHOOL TREAT: Make doggie bone shaped cookies for a
    back to school treat at open house or the first week.

    Dog Pound for time out: Dog House on board for missing work etc., Top Dog trophy award in January and June for 85% performance on attendance,behavior and work habits; colored dog bones, four for each student, in their pocket on a chart,entitled How is Your Day Going? They turn in "doggie bone" when a rule is broken. Tiny stamp at the end of the day if all bones were kept in their pocket. There is a small dog house on my desk to turn the bones in.

    Bulletin Board Titles include "Dog Gone Good!" "Hot Diggity Dog". will send you free educational materials, including bookmarks, coloring books , videos etc.

    How about making a bulletin board for behavior. Cut out a Dalmation for each student (no spots). If they've had a good day, week, etc. give their dog a spot. After they've acquired so many spots, they get a reward. Title it " I've Spotted Good Behavior"

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