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    BB - social studies
    By Susan

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    Wendy, do you have a theme that you're going for? That would help decide titles a little easier. I saw a cute idea for a BB for social studies on maps. They create a map of a new state. They draw an outline for it, decide on its name, decide which landforms and bodies of water they want the state to have. Give them each a creative name (echo valley, etc...), design at least 10 different symbols to use in a key for their map. Have 3 of these symbols each represent a different natural resource. The other symbols can represent the capital of their state and its cities, landforms, and bodies of water. Position the symbols on their map throughout the state to show their locations. Write the key at the lower corner of their map. Put them all on the bulletin board labeled "Imagination State-tion". I got the idea from the Mailbox magazine Superbook (for grade 5)and plan to use it myself!!

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