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    Circus Fun
    By Krissy

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    A Circus Theme will be fun because you can do so many different things with it... What comes to mind is animals, trains, acrobats, clowns, circus snacks like cotton candy and hot dogs, and balloons. Here are some ideas that I came up with:
    Opening Day: If you mail out back to school welcome letters or have a before school open house, design a ticket for the circus for your classroom. Give students a "ticket" to the circus with your name and room number, starting time, first day of school, etc.
    Welcome Bulletin Board: Make a big red/white carton and giant peanuts spilling out, put a big clown and the title "Ms./Mr. ______ is nuts about his/her new students!" Put one child's name on each peanut. OR Make giant popcorn pieces out of yellow/white paper and write "Look who's popping into Ms. ____'s class!"
    Classroom Jobs: A clown juggling, put each job on a different ball and rotate student names through the jobs by putting their name on a small tag. "JUGGLING JOBS!"
    Reading Corner: Use red and white material,
    wrap the ends around a small embroidery hoop, hang this hoop from the ceiling and drape the material down over the corner. Put a sign that says "Reading is Fun Under the Big Top!"
    Student of the week/month board: Put up a picture of a funny circus animal flying on a trapeze and put the title "LOOK WHOSE FYLING HIGH IN Ms./Mr. _____'s CLASS"
    Good Work Board: Put up a big lion that says "SOME WORK TO ROARRRR ABOUT!" or "NO LION, THIS IS GREAT WORK!"
    Student nametags: Print out various circus animals from clip-art and put the kids names on them. I printed mine on cardstock this year and laminated and they lasted nearly 3/4 of the school year.
    Behavior Management: Put up a big bulletin board with several different "Rings." Give each student their own paper clown and they can move them to the various rings for each infraction. "WE DON'T CLOWN AROUND!" or Put up a seal for each student and make it their goal to see how many small paper balls they can earn to balance on their seals noses. This could be a long term goal board or put three to five to use daily. For a class goal, put up a circus train by making small cars taped to the wall, student must earn animals for the train, when it's full, a class reward is given.
    Word Wall: Cut out and laminate paper balloons and use them for a word wall, add a balloon for each word. This would really brighten up the room.
    Wall Decorations: Party stores carry lots of clown type decorations and circus theme stuff for kids parties, this would be great for your
    Bulletin boards: Cover the backgrounds with fabric that is circus related. Red/white stripes, bold colors, animals, etc.
    Circus theme music: Find some circus theme music on the internet or on tape. This can be used to time students for a quick clean up. (My kids love to try to beat the music.)

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