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    Cute ideas!
    By Julie

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    I like the ideas! I've been looking for an idea to do with hershey kisses without sounding too "lovey". I do a theme around a candy or cereal each year and the kids love it. Also, it helps identify the classes throughout the years too and the kids don't forget. I just had a student from my first class converse with me about being part of the "Lifesavers" class. I decorated the board like the wrapper of the lifesaver, cut out lifesavers with a circle cutter and put their names on them, then on the first day of school we took pictures and put those in the center of the lifesavers.
    The kisses idea would be so cute to put their pics on the kisses and their names on the paper tags.
    You could do some chocolate themes, read chocolate literature (Chocolate Fever, Chocolate Covered Ants, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), get penpals in Hershey, PA. Try and get samples of chocolate from around the world. You could have sweet success stories each morning for five minutes where they share something good that happened. Or you could have sweet success parties on Fridays for students who have their homework done all week and they could come to the classroom for lunch, have a piece of chocolate, drink chocolate milk...okay, I'm stretching a bit there. Not sure if this was what you were looking for, but Good luck!

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