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    Oceans of Fun In ? Grade!
    By Krissy

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    Some ideas...

    BULLETIN BOARD CAPTION: Set sail for ____ grade! or "The ____ grade tide is coming in!"

    READING CORNER: Get a large beach umbrella and prop it up in a bucket of sand. Take die-cut paper shells and write a book on them each time a student reads it or use favorite book titles to decorate the wall. Put down a brown rug and line the wall around it with blue paper, cut with wave-like designs along the top.

    STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Call it "Student in the Swim"

    JOBS CHART: Put up a blue backgrounda and write the jobs on shells. Give each student a dolphin, whale, or octopus. Simply rotate them each week.

    REWARD COUPONS: Call them "Dolphin Dollars"

    CLASS REWARD: Put up a large pictue of Shamu. Put a big bucket shape next to it. Call it "Feed the Whale." Each time students earn it, stick a paper fish cut-out on the bucket. When the bucket is full, students have reached their goal!

    DECORATIONS: Get small inexpensive beach balls to hang from the ceiling for added fun. Go to the carpet store and ask for a discarded paper roll. They are tall enough to use for a palm tree stalk. Prop in a bucket of sand and add green paper leaves.

    BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT: Call it "Catch the Wave of Good Behavior" Use a pocket chart and make 5 small paper waves for each child. Flip to the next wave for a warning, and so on.

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