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    James and the Giant Peach
    By Jennifer

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    Language Art
    As the students read the story have the students to list on chart paper each problem, crisis, in the story. As a class, write beside each problem how James solved the crisis or problem.

    Let students take everday junk into fantasy sculptures. Have students collect objects. provide art supplies. Have the students to construct fantasy sculptures of creatures inspired by the animals in the story. Encorage their imagination.

    Have tstudents write about being in the moonlight in chapter nine by using descripitive words or phrases. Have the students write about they have received a box of magic crystals they need to include in their writing how they got the crystals, what they did with the crystals, places they visited, adventures they had, and problems they solved. I got this idea from a literature book.
    Make a peach dessert or icecream teaching measurements
    Bulletin Board
    Cut out peaches and allow students to write words that they learned through out the book on the peaches and title the board " Words That Soar"

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