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    Powerpoint Book Reports
    By Stephanie

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    This past year I taught 7th and 8th grade students with learning disabilities. All students selected a book within thier reading range as determined by the STAR Reader program. Once the book was completed, students had to develop a draft of their presentation on paper. They were required to include a slide for the following:
    title (1 slide)
    setting (1 slide)
    3 characters (3 slides)
    conflict/problem (1 slide)
    3 events (3 slides)
    solution (1 slide)
    Character analysis (how the character changed) 1 slide
    All drafts had to be approved by me before they were permitted to begin the Power Point presentation.
    Once the presentations were completed, each student presented their show on a big screen using an IN FOCUS projector. They Loved It!!!

    This could be used for any Grade. Just adjust the requirements to meet the abilities of the students.

    **Very detailed instructions
    **Unless the students are experienced with the program I suggest having them to a VERY basic show first. Use the same template, No backgrounds, clip art, changing the font style or size etc. Once they have this "basic" show finished allow them to add the details. If you don't set these guidelines they will spend hours on the first 2 or 3 slides and it will take them forever to finish the entire show.

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