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    By bdw

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    I no longer teach in the classroom, but one of the things I did was send out a supply list for the entire school year (48 pencils - NOT 12 and enough notebooks and folders for the year). On the first day of school, we would keep out what was needed for the first quarter and store the rest in a LARGE Ziploc Bag (the ones used for traveling - not the freezer size--they're not big enough for the notebooks). Anyway, the student number goes on each bag in marker and they are stored in the bottom of my cabinet in number order). I would only go in the bags at the beginning of each quarter (sometimes in an emergency I would "sneak in" while the class was away if I knew the student had a lot stored). Quarterly,if the students were low on anything that was the time to get them. Also, pencils that were found on the floor at the end of the day,or by the custodian,were put in the lost pencil can and students knew to look there first. If there are none, they must borrow from a neighbor. I decided not to make pencil supply MY #1 responsibility but theirs (I did however, make anonymous donations of old pencils to the pencil can a few times a week to help out - or if the student had no support at home (mom doesn't respond) I would just place a few new ones in their desk at the end of the day). Once you put the responsibility on the student EARLY and don't fret over it, they work together to figure it out . In the end there is always a pencil!

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