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    coin rhymes
    By meg

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    My kids had fun with this simple rhyme and game:

    A penny's worth one cent (stamp foot)
    A nickle's worth five (slap thighs)
    A dime's worth ten cents (clap hands)
    A quarter's twenty-five (snap fingers)
    How many cents do I have on this try?

    (example: Clap, Stamp, Stamp = 12 cents)
    (If they have not attempted addition yet, just teach them the rhyme, leaving off the last line)

    Also, we made a booklet using this poem and coin rubbings:

    Penny, penny, easily spent,
    Copper brown and worth one cent.

    Nickle, nickle, thick and fat,
    You're worth five, I know that.

    Dime, dime, little and thin,
    I remember, you're worth ten.

    Quarter, quarter, big and bold,
    You're worth twenty-five, I am told.

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