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    Math Game ideas for Gr.2 (adaptable for other grades)
    By Natalie

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    Hi Sue,
    I was in a grade 2 class and the teacher is amazing and had lots of really cool games.
    1) First to 200 wins!(You can change the value with whatever place value you want) Using dice and base 10 sticks (or 100 etc), students can work in pairs on the carpet. Have large (11 x 17)contruction paper mats divided into ones, tens, hundreds. Each student rolls a die and puts that many of base 10 (or ones or hundreds) in the tens column. They need to keep track of their score.
    2) Prbability: Have some photocopied sheets with pictures of each side of a die at the top. Students roll and keep track of how many times they roll each number. You could say whoever rolls 4 the most wins (or select a different number each time).
    3)Use decks of cards and play Highest card wins.(Highest card keeps the cards from that round. The person with the most cards at the end wins!) This is played like War.
    4)Modify this same game by making an outline of a star and photocopying it. Have the first student who can add the two cards flipped first fill in one point of the star. Star needs to be filled to win. (Box Cars and One-eyed Jacks)
    I hope this helps a bit!! See Box Cars and one-eyed Jacks for more great ideas. It is amazing what you can do with a bag of dice and some cards.

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