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    Pizza Box Biographies
    By Priscilla

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    These are some steps for creating a pizza box biography:

    1. Students should take notes about a famous person. In their notes they should be able to come up with basic facts about the famous person.
    When born, where lived, when died etc. They should also find six important accomplishments, inventions, contributions, events etc. that the person was associated with. Be sure to include years. For example: President Franklin Roosevelt was involved with the Depression, the New Deal, WWII etc. So it doesn't necessarily mean that students should include only single events. Some events occur over a period of years.

    2. Younger students can write up the notes as six sentences that will be typed and displayed inside the top of the pizza box. Older students can use paragraph form.

    3. Decorate the inside top of the box with some kind of background decoration that has to do with the historical figure the student is depicting. Example: The inside top cover of Walt Disney's biography box could be decorated with Mickey Mouse wrapping paper. Teddy Roosevelt's could have an Adirondack Mountain theme etc. The typed facts or paragraph is placed on this background.

    4. Make six pizza slices to place in the bottom of the box. Use your imagination for what to make the slices out of. It could be tag board, poster board, fun foam etc. Each pizza slice needs to have a three dimensional clue that goes with the six sentences displayed on the inside top cover. For example: One of Henry Ford's slices could have a small model of a Ford car on it. Werner von Braun's could have a small rocket on one slice. (I call these "A slice of their life")

    5. The boxes are displayed with the lid open and there is no decoration used on the outside of the box.

    6. The directions can be modified to the grade level or subject you're working with.

    7. This idea appeared in an Oasis magazine about 10-15 years ago. I think this is what you might have been looking for. Hope it helps.

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