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    It Will GET BETTER!
    By Julianne

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    Yes, it will get better. You have chosen a tough assignment. I think that pre-k and k take a lot of energy for someone whose own children are entering college. You forget just how much bending, chasing, nose wiping, shoe tying and redirecting this age group takes. And that's part of the problem. Of course the kids are bouncing - that's their nature. As to the parents, you'll learn some words of wisdom to answer their typical questions and use them over and over. (I tell parents who want more academics that we're working hard to teach social skills at this age and don't they agree that children need time to be children?)

    Colleagues are harder. Some faculties I've worked with are clickish and negative. Others, like where I am now, are open, wonderful groups of dedicated people. I am just now learning all their names, however. It's a big group and I had to work to fit in. Two things I tried - I posted the faculty photo on my wall. When I meet a teacher in the hall that I don't have a name for I go look her up in the photo so I can great her by name next time. The second thing I did was to get involved in a project that involved most of the faculty. I had to talk to them all and it helped me introduce myself to them. You might want to try something like that.

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