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    By Trish

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    I teach 7th and 8th grade. Here is how I handle homework/organzing

    I have a different tray for each class (the ones that you can stack on top of each other) When I get their homework/papers of any kind, they get paperclipped and put here. for grading homework, I have a chart for each class that stays in my grade book. It kinda looks like a grade book, I have each studentss' name on one side and then empty columns and spaces (like a grade book) to enter the homework grade.
    I enter the date and a brief desciption of the assignment on the top of the chart (like gradebook) that way if a parent comes in I can say, well she missed this homework, etc. They get 1 point for each question that is assigned. that way if they tried but didn't finish they still get some points. At the bottom of the page, I have a place for possible points. At the end of the marking period, I add up the students' points and the possible points divide the two and have their average. Ex. Student points 219 Possible 250 Grade: 88/B
    It is a little time consuming but worth it. I also DO not grade for accuracy on every homework assignment. I check to see if it is done, stamp it (I use the Crayola Stampers Markers) and hand it back. Then we go over it. I glance to make sure it isn't a nonsense answer, but that's it. On occassion I really grade it. I never tell them when I will do that. If I grade it, it becomes a 'test' grade not just a homework grade.

    I hope this isn't confusing. If you need more clarification, email me!


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